Swedish Young Horse Championships with Breeders Trophy

For all our non -Swedish speaking friends – The Swedish Young Horse Championships – where the top young horses in the country meet and compete for the coveted Breeders Trophy award in dressage, jumping and three-day eventing.

An event featuring the top 3-7 year old horses in dressage and jumping. The three-day eventing championships feature 4-6 year old horses.
The Swedish Warmblood is gaining ground! More and more riders world wide turn to Sweden in finding a top contender for international success. Horses like Ohlala (competing for the US), Fibonacci (ex. Fendi) ridden by Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum , Märtha Louise (Ireland) and Deja (SWB) ridden by Patrik Kittel just to name a few.

Dates 2017: Dressage, Jumping and Three-day eventing October 2-8 with finals Friday to Sunday.

Visit Flyinge and Breeders Trophy
Fly in to Copenhagen, DK. Drive 45 min across the sound over to Flyinge, Sweden. Spend a few days at Flyinge Equestrian Centre, dating back to year 1616. Hang out with fun loving Swedes and watch lovely young horses perform. What could be better?

Flyinge is located 15 km from Lund, 14 km from Eslöv and 30 km from Malmö. We recommend lodging at Elite Hotel Ideon in Lund. Please use the booking code ”Flyinge” when making a reservation. Reservations: reservation.lund@elite.se or  +46-46-287 11 05

For other hotel options, please see Visit Lund eller or Visit Skåne

Tickets are sold here: Tickster.
Last year’s highlight featuring the British top rider Charlotte Dujardin as the test rider of the 4-year old horses is happening again! Be sure to purchase tickets online to the test riding event in due time.
Tickets to Breeders Trophy will be available on site as well with the exception of the test riding with Charlotte Dujardin (online purchase).

For all inclusive reservations regarding lodging and tickets to the event please see this link.

Startlists and results on Equipe.com

Live-TV Monday to Thursday by Equisport.tv  and Friday to Sunday by Clip My Horse.

Contact info@swedehorse.se or + 46 (0) 46 – 646 50/58

Preliminary Schedule of Events

Monday October 2
Dressage 5-year old horses Round 1

Tuesday October 3 
Dressage 6-year old horses Round 1
Eventing, dressage 4- and 5-year old horses
Dressage 7-year old horses Round 1

Wednesday October 4
Jumping 5-year old horses  Round 1
Jumping 6-year old horses  Round  1
Eventing, stadium jumping 4- and 5-year old horses
Free jumping 3-year old horses FINAL incl.  the SWB National Mare Championships

Thursday October 5
Jumping 5-year old horses Round  2
Jumping 6-year old horses Round  2
Dressage 4-year old horses Round  1

Friday October 6
Jumping 7-year old horses  Round  1
Jumping 4-year  old horses Round  1
Eventing, Cross Country 4- and 5-year old horses at the Flyingehus cross country course
Dressage 3-year old horses FINAL with the SWB National Mare Championships

Evening: SWB’s Elite Foal Auction

Saturday October 7 
Dressage 5- year old horses final
Dressage 7-year old horses final
Dressage 6-year old horses final
Dressage 4-year old horses FINAL with the test rider Charlotte Dujardin.

Sunday October 8 
Jumping 5-year old horses  final
Jumping 4-year old horses final
Jumping 6-year old horses  final
Jumping 7-year old horses final

Elite Foal Auction

SWB’s successful Elite Foal Auction takes place Friday October 6, during the Breeders Trophy at Flyinge. The auction is a highly festive event during the show finals. An excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to view the top young horses in the country, from foals at the auction to the top 3-7 year olds competing in the finals. Read more.

In 2017 we are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Elite Foal Auction, having seen a development of foal prices that is highly competitive with the European market.

The 2016 Elite Foal Auction proved to be a successful event with foals sold for 4 185 000 SEK, averaging 120 000 SEK per foal. This was the highest average price since the very first auction in 2008. The foal Fabulous M by Johnson sold for the top price 460 000 SEK. Several jumping foals sold as well with the top price of 220 000 SEK fetched by the foal Myfair by London.


Fibonacci (ex. Fendi) – Swedish Warmblood (SWB)